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  • McKinleyville Community Services District (MCSD) in Humboldt County has over 6,700 active water customers with a projected growth rate of four percent per year. The district purchases its wholesale supply from the Humboldt Bay Municipal Water District (HBMWD). Last year, the district reached out to the CSDA Finance Corporation to help with funding improvements to the district’s water system and wastewater system. The project would add a new 4.5 million gallon water storage tank to the existing system, with the goal of increasing storage capacity to enhance resiliency during emergency events - such read more

Prop 26 & 218

Propositions 26 and 218 Guide for Special Districts

Published by the California Special District Association (CSDA), this 48-page guide addresses the impact Propositions 26 and 218 have on special districts and the issues special districts should consider when adopting taxes, assessments, and fees and charges in light of these limitations. This free download is made possible by the partners of the California Special Districts Alliance – CSDA, CSDA Finance Corporation, and SDRMA. 

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