Case Studies

The CSDA Finance Corporation has assisted special districts of all types with funding for mission-critical property acquisition, construction, equipment purchases, and more.


Groveland Community Services District Maximizes Low Interest Rates

Special districts can maximize current low interest rates by combining a new money loan with a refinancing of prior debt. The CSDA Finance Corporation recently helped Groveland Community Services District finance their wastewater treatment plant and, at the same time, refinance an old loan at a lower interest rate. The refinancing generated an estimated $70,000 in interest savings on a present value basis.

The CSDA Finance Corporation has truly been my one-stop shop for finding the best financing possible for critical infrastructure and equipment. As a busy general manager, I found the Finance Corporation makes it easy as it does the shopping for the best financial deal. In 2019 alone, we refinanced debt and secured infrastructure loans wit the assistance of the Finance Corporation, which saved our customers hundreds of thousands of dollars and significantly reduced administrative effort and expense.

- Pete Kampa, General Manager


Bridge loan provides relief for Murphys Sanitary District

Murphys Sanitary District was approved for financial assistance from SRF for the upgrade of their wastewater treatment plant, with funds to be delivered in the form of a reimbursement grant. Unfortunately, the COVID-19 health crisis caused delays in processing reimbursements for the district. With its reserves depleted, the district found itself in urgent need of funds to pay a contractor invoice. 

A longtime CSDA member, Murphys Sanitary District reached out to the CSDA Finance Corporation for assistance in obtaining a $4 million bridge loan to tide them over. The Finance Corporation consultants expedited their efforts and in a short time were able to identify two bridge funding options for the district, including an affordable option that allowed the district to make prepayments on the loan with zero prepayment penalty. 

Murphys Sanitary District thanks you all for your great work ethic, professionalism, and customer service in securing our financing. Everyone was wonderful to work with and the communication was amazing!

- Cindy Secada, Administration Manager

solar energy

CSDA Finance Corporation Helps HRCSD’s Solar Energy Dreams Come True

In Fall of 2020, the Heritage Ranch Community Services District (HRCSD), began construction on a new solar energy generation system designed to offset energy costs associated with their water and wastewater treatment plant operations.

These facilities require a large amount of electricity to operate. Last year, HRCSD’s electricity costs accounted for $220,000 of their overall expenses. The new solar system, expected to be completed by the middle of 2021, should offset approximately 77 percent of HRCSD’s annual energy costs.

HRCSD turned to the CSDA Finance Corporation for the funding of the $1.5 million project. 

A solar energy generation project has been on the district’s radar for over 10 years and the current Board of Directors is glad to see it finally come to fruition. The energy cost savings, rate of return, and the investment in clean energy make this project a great benefit to our community and environment. Thank you to the CSDA Finance Corporation and the entire project team.

- Scott Duffield, General Manager

Pleasant Hill Recreation and Park District

Financing the Finishing Touches for Pleasant Hill Recreation and Park District

Pleasant Hill Recreation and Park District completed construction of their new Teen and Senior Centers. The buildings were built with a bond measure that could be used only for construction. Furnishing and equipping each of these beautiful new buildings was beyond the scope of the original bond.

While the furniture fund raising campaign had been successful, some of the larger pledges were to be paid to the district over a five year period and the district needed new furniture now. They launched a $1.8 million capital campaign to purchase the furnishings and equipment necessary to enhance the district’s multitude of programs and events for many years. The pledges will come in during the next five years, so, they turned to the CSDA Finance Corporation for help to purchase the furnishings.
Mark Blair, Accounting Supervisor at the district, said, “I found CSDA Finance Corporation to be both professional and efficient. We were able to obtain the quote and close the desired loan at competitive rates well within the timeframes to fill the need for the loan. I would recommend CSDA Finance Corporation to others.”