CSDA Finance Corporation’s financial consultants are specialists in municipal financing and uniquely qualified to help special districts. The Financial Consulting Team has financed nearly $1 billion in capital improvement programs for special districts throughout California.


CSDA Finance Corporation's Board of Directors has a philosophical commitment to provide efficient, low-cost, tax-exempt financing for all special districts in California. A financial advisor is retained to ensure this goal is consistently achieved.


Strong Market Presence
The CSDA Finance Corporation is well known in the tax-exempt financing market. After more than 20 years and nearly $1 billion in financing, investors are not only familiar with the Finance Corporation, but have developed a comfort level based on the expertise of our consultants. That comfort facilitates timelier funding for your district.


Superior Service
Being responsive to your needs and concerns is a top priority for our consultants. Districts unfamiliar with tax-exempt financing will be guided through every step of the process, while more experienced issuers can expect our consultants to blend seamlessly with district staff, minimizing any disruption.